Final Episode – Megan Haigh & Will Millick

The final episode of the COUGS in Sport Management podcast features two current sport management seniors, Megan Haigh and Will Millick. We discuss the sport management program and career aspirations. Tune in to hear how these WSU Sport Management alumni intend to start their career in the sport world!

061 Budding Moneyballers take on Phoenix

If you’ve ever watched the movie Moneyball, or read the book off of which it was based, you’ll know that the narrative goes something like this: everything we thought we knew about the game of baseball might be, at worst, just dead wrong, or, if we’re lucky, a little off. Either way, we’re wrong. The solution, of course, is to merely focus on great analytics and question the way things have been done. Problem solved, unbelievers be damned.

Well, a quartet of Washington State University students, led by team leader and sport management student Dante Ludlow, is soon taking their analytic prowess to a conference in Phoenix… a conference meant specifically for baseball analytics. While there, they’ll take part in a competition in front of baseball executives, with a dream of perhaps catching a few eyes and, even better, job offers.

042 Getting to Know You: Hannah Martian

Hannah Martian

Hannah Martian is a sophomore Sport Management major in the College of Education. She’s from Arlington, WA and has a desire to one day become a baseball play-by-play broadcaster. In the meantime, she has recently filed to run for ASWSU Senator and represent the College of Education.